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Plants Enhanced for
Carbon Capture and Storage

Remove CO2

Deep Time

We’re excited to announce that we integrated datasets for temperature + atmospheric CO2 over the history of the Earth to show the close correlation between the evolution of photosynthesis, CO2 levels, and global temperatures.

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Restoring ecosystems from the ground up

More biomass and faster growth means more carbon capture

Our trees accumulate up to 53% more biomass than control seedlings

We incorporated a photosynthesis enhancement trait to help trees grow faster

We’ve developed a metal accumulation trait so trees can absorb more metals in their roots and stem

These metals naturally slow wood decay, creating durable wood products and retaining carbon in wood for a longer period of time

Our trees are unique in their ability to grow on degraded land with high concentrations of heavy metals

As our trees grow, they can clean soil made toxic by industrial activity, store more carbon, and create investment opportunities on otherwise abandoned land


Adapting technology to a range of plant species

To create localized climate solutions, we can adapt our R&D platform across a range of organisms and desired traits.

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Pseudotsuga menziesii
(douglas fir)
Linum usitatissimum
(flax / linseed)
Panicum virgatum (switchgrass)

Discovering new
pathways and traits for more permanent carbon storage

From drought tolerance to nitrogen fixation to permanent carbon storage, we are exploring new mechanisms which allow plants to store carbon for longer and thrive in rapidly changing landscapes.

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Poster frame for video from Cleo Abrams' video explaining Living Carbon mission and technology.


We are proud to be supported by a number of remarkable institutions and venture capital investors.

Envisioning our Future

We envision a future where human impact is restorative rather than harmful. We can use biotechnology to empower ecosystems. 


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