Land Partnerships

Reforest Your Land and Sell Carbon Credits with Us.

Living Carbon is your planting partner for high-quality reforestation projects on undervalued land.

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We specialize in planting on abandoned mine lands, degraded agricultural lands including pasture, and other unproductive soils. Our proprietary seedlings thrive in these tough conditions. Best of all, you retain ownership of the land throughout the project, and at the end of the term you have a thriving mixed native forest as an investment property or to keep as a legacy for generations to come.


Free Seedlings & Consult

We provide a mix of native species and enhanced trees specific to your area. We design the site, including choosing tree species, together with you to make sure it meets your goals.


No Planting Costs

We pay up-front for site prep and planting labor. We also take care of any documentation required, like a forest management plan and carbon data collection.


Annual Payments

We do all the work finding buyers and selling carbon credits. You get annual payments per acre for participating.


Property Access

You retain property access for recreation and personal enjoyment.


Free Monitoring

We are also on-call for on-going monitoring and support on site to ensure your trees are growing well.


Better Trees, More Carbon

Our photosynthesis-enhanced trees have shown up to 30-50% more biomass growth in our greenhouse trials.

Easy Additional Revenue from Carbon Credits.

"Living Carbon has been a great partner, I've learned a lot from them about carbon markets. And then they also support the reforestation process and they're coming out with these new elite seedlings. We've grown together and partnered ever since."

Georgia agriculturAL and timberland owner
Vince Stanley

How it works

Step 1

Request a free site assessment.

Step 2

Speak with one of our land partnerships representatives to see if a Living Carbon project is right for you.

Step 3

Host a site visit. Our team will visit your property for diligence and further detail out the project design.

Step 4

Sign a contract and prepare for planting next spring.

Step 5

Start getting paid as soon as the planting is complete.

Our Enhanced Trees

4 million enhanced trees for Spring 2024 planting
We have 2 of our own labs and greenhouses in Charleston SC and Hayward CA. We work with 4 nursery partners across the USA for added capacity and sourcing native species.
Tree Growth:
140% growth gain per tree by age 10 in mean DBH
400% higher productivity in stand basal area by age 10
Biological Enhancements:
Read our study that can be found here

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VP, Carbon Product
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Jonathan Shears

Land Partnerships Lead
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Appalachia Regional Lead
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