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Carbon Projects

We're generating high-quality carbon removal projects in the U.S. with true additionality, limited leakage, and unique co-benefits.

Our Differentiators


Our biotech seedlings are unique in their ability to capture more carbon on less land. We generate seedling supply specifically for our carbon projects.

Land Use Efficiency

We utilize land that is already abandoned or degraded, like abandoned mineland or agricultural land. This means emissions will not go elsewhere, and we limit land use change.

Ecosystem Restoration

Planting trees improves biodiversity and restores ecosystems and soil health. Living Carbon's mixed stand plantings can usually be planted without soil prep. Our seedlings grow faster, preventing the establishment of invasive shrubs.

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Carbon Removal for Businesses

High-quality U.S.-based projects

Procure carbon credits localized to your emission sources and preferences. We also work with companies that use their own supply chain landfor insetting.

Transparent & Verified

We build our own seedling supply and know how much carbon is removed per tree or per acre. Our credits are ex-post verified, meaning that prepurchases are available, but carbon credits aren't delivered until the carbon has actually been removed.

Biotech Collaborations

Our biotech platform is applicable across species and can develop seedings with a variety of traits and functions.

Learn how Living Carbon supplies Watershed's customer, Aledade, with high-quality carbon removal credits.

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A few of our biotech-enhanced reforestation projects

Reforestation of Underutilized Timberland

This project increases the volume of carbon stored in durable wood products while accelerating the ability of managed timberland in the US to act as a carbon sink. It's also an opportunity to integrate timberland owners into the carbon markets and incentivizes them to extend their harvest rotations.

Reforestation of Idle Bottomland

We’re planting a combination of Photosynthesis-Enhanced Hybrid Poplar and other species on family-owned active timberland near Reidsville, Georgia. This project is an active research site and facilitates ongoing research to improve the carbon capture and storage durability of nature-based solutions.

Restoration of Degraded Mineland

We will be planting and studying our seedlings as a method of truly additional forest carbon. The goal is to not only sequester carbon in a long-term living system but also direct the land toward reestablishing the original natural forest species composition and removing excess metals from the soil.

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