Our Recent Webinar: How Ag and Mineland Owners Can Diversify Income via Reforestation Carbon Projects

December 8, 2023

Join our Land & Forestry Teams at their recent webinar held on Wednesday, November 29th which took attendees behind-the-scenes and into-the-field. Viewers learned all about Living Carbon’s landowner enrollment program for no-cost reforestation and how to sign up for 2024. They also saw a case study example of a recent planting by the Living Carbon commercial team on a former mineland site. 

Watch the 50-minute video, and read some of the key highlights below:

  • Why is this important? Reforestation projects on degraded mining or agricultural land in the USA can cost thousands of dollars per acre, depending on site conditions
  • Who are we? We have a team of land agents, foresters, and specialists in ecology, supply chain, and project financing ready to help you on the ground
  • What is our program? Living Carbon offers a unique opportunity to reforest your land with 4 main benefits: annual enrollment payments, no-cost reforestation, timber rights, and long-term partnership rights
  • Are you eligible? Our target geography is the Central Appalachian states on previously non-forested land. We work with any landowner (private, corporate, nonprofit, public) who is ready to reforest in the next 12 months. Our minimum project size is 300 acres of unforested land - and we can help you measure that! 
  • How does it work? Our projects typically take 6-9 months depending on site conditions. After the landowner signs the letter of intent and works with us on the initial project design, Living Carbon handles all the details of site prep, seedling supply, and planting logistics. 
  • Case study: Andy Norris presents a case study of one of our successful mineland planting projects. We planted a mix of native hardwood and conifer species on a former coal mine site, after carefully preparing the soil with high-quality site prep. We worked together with great local forestry partners to make it happen.

Get involved in 2024! Landowner enrollment for Fall 2024 plantings starts now, and you can submit a site via

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