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Living Carbon is a stealth public benefit company with the goal of enhancing trees to capture and store more CO2. Our trees can be grown for pleasure, offsets or timber harvest.

Meet the1st Generation of Superseedlings 

About our Seedlings

Hybrid poplar (female P. tremula x male P. alba)

We're developing the world’s first super carbon capturing tree that grows 40% faster and produces 50% longer-lasting wood, resulting in twice as much CO2 capture and more revenue per acre.

Grows at a rapid rate (8-12’ per year)

Disease and fungus resistant

Grows well between zones 3-9

Elevations from sea level to 7000’

Deep rooting and tolerant of low rainfall

Grows on alkaline, neutral and acidic soils

Seedlings are between 2-3' for $47.67 each.