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Land Partnerships

Improve underperforming land with profitable forest carbon projects.

Nature-based carbon removal solutions are in demand by corporations who face mounting pressure to take immediate climate action. This demand provides financing for revegetation projects that would otherwise not be available.

Get Paid Yearly

For eligible landowners, Living Carbon offers free trees, free planting and site prep, and annual payments.

Fast Growing

Fast growing trees reduce the necessary land area required for biological sequestration. We use biotechnology to develop the world’s first photosynthesis-enhanced trees that accumulate 50% more biomass and capture more CO₂ per acre.

Restoring Ecosystems

Our seedlings are unique in their ability to hyperaccumulate nickel and grow in toxic soil where other seedlings cannot. We work with land partners to utilize land that is already abandoned or degraded.

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How it works:

We provide landowners with an immediate opportunity to generate revenue from their land.

Step 1

Living Carbon pays landowners to plant photosynthesis-enhanced trees to maximize removal of CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Step 2

An independent third party verifies carbon capture and Living Carbon sells credits through the carbon market.

Step 3

Organizations with net-zero emission goals purchase carbon credits to offset their CO₂ emissions.

Is my land eligible and could it be profitable?